Company Overview

Nhat Nam Anh Trading & Construction Co., Ltd is one of the most prestigious companies in Da Nang area specializing in Consulting – Construction of industrial works – Construction of civil works. Since its inception in 2014, the company has always been highly appreciated by customers and partners for its professionalism, quality and especially well-trained and experienced staff through many important projects. Trong has been implemented in Da Nang.

For Nhat Nam Anh, building a strong company does not simply mean increasing the number of customers, expanding the scale or products and services. A good company must be a place where all stakeholders get the value they want. For employees, it is training skills and career development, with customers is the economic, functional and aesthetic benefits for each project, with partners is the opportunity to work and learn from one professional and respected credit.

Now, Nhat Nam Anh works have been implemented with increasing and important project value. In the coming time, Nhat Nam Anh will continue to build reputation, invest in expertise and staff to rise up to become a service provider of Consulting – Construction of industrial works – Construction of works leading civilian in Danang and aiming to raise nationwide.