Core Values

1. Quality

Nhat Nam Anh is committed to building high-quality and aesthetic works of high quality and safety, constantly investing in modern equipment, applying advanced science and technology in business management and constructing works, considering quality as a decisive factor to increase the competitiveness of the Company.

2. People

Our staff is an invaluable asset and strength of the Company. Nhat Nam Anh always upholds the task of training highly qualified, experienced and creative human resources, creating an environment for human resources to maximize their talents and dedication, working with the Company.

3. Discipline

Industrial style is the core value, the cultural tradition of Nhat Nam Anh. All human resources always respect the sense of responsibility, professionalism, compliance with regulations and are ready to meet all job requirements.

4. Social responsibilities

Nhat Nam Anh is committed to contributing to the sustainable economic development of the locality, improving the lives of officials and employees, sharing a part of social responsibility for the community.